Matt Pine-Storyteller/Filmmaker

Matt Pine Storyteller/Filmmaker-Lifetime Films

I am married to an extraordinary, gifted woman who surprises me every day with her intelligence, her compassion and her amazing talent. We were married on a Saturday in May 1988. I can still see the huge church doors open up. She paused gracefully for a split second and then started down the aisle with her father. It’s so vidid I can even see the colors when I close my eyes. Her arm was shaking as it was handed to mine. I love this moment. I can see it in my mind it, but it stays there. I didn’t have my wedding filmed.

Ask yourself, why do people close their eyes when they pray, when they cry… or kiss or dream? Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen… but felt only by your heart. My name is Matt Pine and I build time machines and put them on film. Since 1991, Lifetime has been changing the way people remember a wedding. I call it “capturing reality”, shots that are authentic, not posed or staged. We capture those once in-a-lifetime moments that just take your breath away. We’re selling time travel here at Lifetime, a way to go back to the greatest day of your life and see it as it really happened. Someone once said “Art is the process of recovering the sensation of being alive”. When you look closer at our work, ask yourself two questions: Does it feel like you know these people? Was it the storytelling that grabbed you? If you answered yes twice, we need to shoot your wedding.

We create magic with our couples. Please feel free to e mail me at let me know how you want to remember your wedding. Lifetime is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and Asheville, North Carolina. We’re also available to get creative worldwide.


Lifetime Films

“Making mother cry since 1991”


Matt Pine – Storyteller/Cinematographer

Nick Pine– Cinematographer

Danny Hutchinson – Audio Engineer

Greg Burnett – Cinematographer

Devon Pine- Public Relations/Marketing

Melissa Ferguson-Marketing

Chad Sebald – Lead Cinematographer/Editor

Greg Singleton – Lead Cinematographer

Richard Long-Composer/Audio Engineer

David Creighton-Cinematographer/Editor

Ellen D. Artist/Editor

Jason Hamrick –Audio Engineer

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