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MAking mothers cry

Feel Like a Guest at Your Own Wedding

Allow us to bring you back to that feeling!

Lifetime Films is a top-rated studio that specializes in staying in the background. Our team has over three decades of experience documenting weddings and events in the Cincinnati area.

While many other videographers favor a sweeping slow motion sentimental approach, our shooting and editing style
is authentic, fresh and very candid. Our films are intended to capture your story the way memory would. 

We know that a hands-off approach to filming allows you to show up just as you are — as relaxed and natural as possible. Using long lenses to help stay invisible to both you and your guests.

The Natural Wedding Film

"This was the Best Money
we Spent on our daughters wedding! Worth every penny! 
 I knew the minute we went to their site and spoke to Matt we just had to make this investment."

-Elaine Ruhe

For over 30 years, I have expertly filmed moments as they naturally unfold. Think of your parents on the wedding day. They're looking at you with the same tear-filled, adoring eyes they did when they looked down at your crib. Hug them extra hard, be in the present with all the people you love.
30 years from now you'll cherish that much more than any manufactured staged moment.

Our goal is to make your unique love story come to life on film, being seen and heard has it really happened. You've spent so time and energy planning every detail. Let it unfold naturally.

Lifetime makes wedding films for people
who want to remember how it really felt.

-Matt Pine, Owner

    I make Mothers Cry

My Name is Matt Pine

About Us

Jay Bachemin Photography

Best memories! Matt and Lifetime Films did our wedding almost 17 years ago. Other than a few pictures on the wall, this video is all we have. We watch it annually. It's been such a great investment; people we love have passed away and seeing them full of life, dancing away brings back such great memories. I am so glad we decided to do this even when at the moment it felt "extra."
Today I would say it is essential.

-Tamia Collins-McGuire

Married Saturday, October 29, 2007

Tamia & DeJuan McGuire

"Incredibly warm, talented people"

Emma Mc Mahan Photography

I cannot say enough great things about Matt and his team! He is so personable and now someone I would call a friend! There were no scripts, no staging, and you don't feel like you're even being followed. His work is so organic and when we watch our wedding back its like he had cameras in our eyes! We get to relive our day thanks to Lifetime Films - I highly recommend booking them for all of life's important memories!

 -Morgan Orlando-McVey

"i legit cannot believe how perfect our wedding film is! thank you!"

Morgan & Connor McVey
Married January 18, 2020

Leppert Photography-Cincinnati, Ohio

They went above and beyond in designing a keepsake of our special day and it depicts exactly what we envisioned. We are so fortunate for the amazing footage that they created for us that we will have to cherish forever!

-Emily Finch-Blum

"Lifetime was the one vendor we just couldn't possibly do without!"

Emily & Michael

Married December 18, 2021

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