Thinking About Livestreaming Your Wedding? Here are Five Questions to Ask to Avoid Pitfalls:

We at Lifetime Films have maintained our acknowledged leadership in wedding videography by keeping up to date with new developments in the field. Livestreaming may be the most important new development we’ve seen in our 30 years’ experience. We have devoted our brand, care and individualized attention to avoiding the pitfalls inherent in this technology. We have received several questions from couples about broadcasting weddings to guests so that they can witness the event from the comfort (and safety) of home. Have additional questions about livestreaming with Lifetime? Reach out to us, we’re happy to discuss! 

Q: Will there be a backup plan? Or did everyone just miss my wedding?

A: Although very reliable, livestreaming is not a perfect science. Especially as we continue into the season of outdoor events, WiFi and connectivity issues can be common. If you plan to livestream your wedding, we encourage you to have a hotspot or other reliable WiFi option. The team at Lifetime always carries personal WiFi equipment to ensure we stay connected. Platforms like Zoom and FaceTime not only have limitations to the number of attendees who can log in, but it can also be tricky to retrieve your preserved video (if one is even offered at all). When selecting a livestreaming platform or service, be sure to ask about a backup system. For example, in the event there’s a problem or delay during the live broadcast, Lifetime uploads a new edited back-up file within two hours. Nothing is lost, and the edited wedding is still yours to keep (plus the live streaming fee is reimbursed). 

Q: What about sound? 

A: It’s one thing to see all the action of a wedding, but if your audience can’t hear the vows or ring exchange, is it really worth doing a livestream? Using a laptop or phone with a livestreaming service would be appropriate to catch the music, the annunciated vows, and cheers as you walk up the aisle as a married couple, but oftentimes they do not have the capacity to capture a soft-spoken minister, the quiet laughs as you exchange vows, or a whispered “you look beautiful” once a bride reaches her groom. If you want to ensure your virtual guests hear the little moments in real-time, the streaming device needs to be placed away from background noise and an external mic can be helpful, especially for outdoor weddings. 

With that in mind, each one of Lifetime’s livestreaming includes a separate audio engineer, with separate mics on the groom, officiant, podium and musicians. Your family and friends will be able to hear everything crystal-clear as it happens.

Here is a livestreaming example with mixed audio of the vows and ring exchange.

Q: Can my virtual guests interact with the event? What about wedding crashers?

A: We’ve all heard the horror stories in the news about Zoom meetings being interrupted by hackers. To ensure no wedding crashers show up on your livestream, we set a website place card with the bride and groom’s picture, the date and start time of your event. This can only be accessed through a private link you provide to your guests. An assigned password of your choice can be added (for even more security). If you choose; your guests may leave well wishes before, during or after the broadcast.

Q: But wait, is there more?

A:  Shortly after your wedding takes place, Lifetime re-edits the entire wedding day, including prep, guests’ arrival, photoshoot/cocktail party, and toasts at the reception. We call this “The Next Day Edit.” This version also is available online as a packaged with the livestream.

Q; Why Lifetime?

Choosing how to move forward with wedding plans during these unprecedented times is difficult, but your family and friends shouldn’t have to miss out on your union just because of travel or gathering restrictions. Lifetime ensures an HD picture and crystal clear sound to make your virtual guests feel like they’re celebrating with you.

Here are the advantages Lifetime Films offers:

  • Personalized WiFi hotspots with a full back-up plan
  • Dedicated sound engineering with mics for the best in audio quality
  • “Next Day Edit” with additional footage from the entire event
  • Private and secure links (no weddings crashers)
  • Optional guests interaction before during or after the broadcast

To learn more and see if your date is available reach out: Contact Us

Livestreaming weddings

Lifetime at 30 { Cincinnati Weddings }

As we arrive at #Season30, we are grateful to all those who appreciated the “Fly on the Wall” approach.

Three decades of capturing weddings naturally.

Blog cover: Jonathan Gibson Photography

Video cover: Bambino International

Cincinnati Weddings Lifetime at 30

{ Hall of Mirrors } Cincinnati Wedding Venues

This is such a wonderful story that you may need a tissue to see and hear. Just 3 short weeks before their wedding the groom’s mother (Denise) was notified that the kidney she had been waiting 2 years for was available. There was no rescheduling her life saving transplant or the wedding. Jenna and Zack’s took place Labor Day Weekend in Cincinnati at the historic Hall of Mirrors inside the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza

We were lucky enough to get to be Denise’s eyes and ears that day.

Hall of Mirrors

“Peacocking in aisle #7” { Wedding Videographer Cincinnati }

You really have no idea where you might meet your person. Nate saw Jessa in a beverage aisle at a Whole Foods Market and decided he needed to talk to her.
The rest as they say, is history.

Captured August 31, 2018 at one of Cincinnati newest wedding venues The Anderson Pavilon:

Vendor Love:

Jonathan Gibson Photography

Greg Lee and the Chuck Taylors

Marti Heard Floral Design

Wedding Videographer Cincinnati

Cincinnati Wedding Filmmakers { Best Groom Reaction }

Olivia and Chris’ amazing day in June.

Cover courtesy of Bambino International

Cincinnati Wedding Filmmakers { Best Groom Reaction }

He’s only going to see you walk down once!

The next time you’re at a wedding, turn around and watch what the groom is doing. Most wedding videographers miss this moment.
There’s no reason you should.

He’s only going to see you walk down the aisle once. Make sure we get an invitation.

Video for Wedding { Renaissance Cincinnati }

#LamestWeddingEver Meet Jay and Ali Lame. Married at the Renaissance Hotel Cincinnati September 23, 2017. It also happened to be Ali’s Father’s birthday. As he mentions in this clip, this was the greatest birthday gift he ever received.

Wonderful working with the amazing and talented Bobbi M. Sheridan of Bobbi Photo out of Indianapolis. Check out her blog and see Jay and Ali’s wedding album.

Video for Wedding

Renaissance Cincinnati

Cincinnati Wedding Videography

Feel like a guest at your own wedding.

(All you have to do is push play)

Cincinnati Wedding Videography

Louisville Wedding Videographer { Brown Hotel }

Lifetime Films brought in 2016 at The Brown Hotel in Louisville Kentucky. Only 92 miles from Cincinnati, it’s slowing becoming our 2nd home. We’ll be returning 4 more times in 2017. The upcoming schedule includes two amazing venues The Seelbach Hilton and Hurstbourne Country Club.

Meet Jenny and Darren, who will be celebrating their one year anniversary this Saturday, December 31st. This event went off without a hitch because of top notch wedding professionals including the likes of Maggie Heely and her incredible staff at Weekend Wedding Warrior, LLC and Matt & Christin Berry at Blue Martini Photography. The cover photo is courtesy of them too.

Louisville Wedding Videographer { Brown Hotel }

12 Times a Bridesmaid { Ohio Wedding Films }

This is the perfect couple in the perfect setting. One of our favorites from 2016.
We open with a beautiful welcome toast from mother of the bride Pam Connelly. She tells the story of Meghan’s late father Pat, who would have definitely given his blessing on this night.

The stunning Renaissance Cincinnati Downtown Hotel is the backdrop to this wedding trailer.

Ohio Wedding Films

Wedding Filmmaker Ohio { A Moment with Dad }

Probably one of the most emotional times in a wedding is right before the bride walks down the aisle. There’s an amazing moment that (last less than a minute) right before the doors open. Some brides have described as looking down from a high cliff, it’s terrifying, yet exhilarating. Back in April we captured absolute gold with Kate and her father. She had described weeks before the wedding of what she thought it would feel like. She was “on point” with her description of what would happen. It was so priceless, he father used that exact moment to open his toast.
“H*ly shit, H*ly shit, H*ly shit”

Cover photo couresty of Kortnee Kate Photography

The Cast:
Floral-Courtenay Lambert
Reception Venue-Heather Paparella and her amazing crew at The Renaissance Hotel Cincinnati
Make-up- brideface
Photography-Kortnee Kate
Wedding Coordinator- I-Do Weddings & Events
Entertainment- The Sly Band
Lighting-Goodwin We’ll miss you.
Church- Saint Francis de Sales

Wedding Filmmaker Ohio

Wedding Videographers Cincinnati

A Christmas wedding:

Meet Nadyne and Ben, who tied the Knot December 5, 2015 at Mt. Washington Presbyterian and held their reception at the spectacular Hyde Park Country Club.
This bride may look familiar, she’s been a Lifetime stalker for years, referring us to many family an friends since her sister Lauren’s wedding in 2010. We could not wait to capture this milestone for her.

Here’s what Nadyne thought after receiving her full feature wedding film

“Lifetime captures the moments that mean the most and bring the day to life all over again!!! Thank you thank you!!! Our video was perfect and captured every single moment we wanted to relive and let us see the ones we had no idea even took place! What a beautiful heartfelt way to live the our best day ever over and over again”!!!

-Nadyne (Hayden) Sukys February 16, 2016

Huge thanks to Mandy Leigh Photography , Elisa MacKenzie with Elegant Events by Elisa, Nancy Dawson from BrideFace and Kevin Ford of Ford Ellington
Cover courtesy of Mandy Leigh

Wedding Videographers Cincinnati