Chad Sebald-Lead Cinematographer/Editor


Chad 2

Chad Sebald

Chad brings a creative approach to shooting, editing and sound engineering. Sharing his thoughts and ideas, he loves to start a sentence “what if we did this…”
Chad also keeps the Lifetime crew entertained. We asked for his thoughts on life and we got this:


1. Never get less than twelve hours sleep.
2. Never play cards with a guy who has the first name of a city.
3. Never date a girl with a tattoo of a dagger on her back.

Stick with those rules – everything else is cream cheese.





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Lifetime Films

Lead Cinematographer/Editor


Matt Pine – Storyteller/Cinematographer

Nick Pine– Cinematographer

Danny Hutchinson – Audio Engineer

Greg Burnett – Cinematographer

Melissa Ferguson-Marketing

Chad Sebald – Lead Cinematographer/Editor

Richard Long-Composer/Audio Engineer

Greg Singleton – Lead Cinematographer

David Creighton-Cinematographer/Editor

Ellen D. Artist/Editor

Jason Hamrick –Audio Engineer

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