Even after 30 years in business, one of our team’s greatest compliments is, “How did you get that shot? We didn’t see you there!”


The Lifetime 

Matt Pine
Owner & Founder


"There were times that I even forgot they were there because they blended so well. I didn’t feel like I had to perform for them. Everything that was captured was genuine, beautiful, and high quality."
-Heather Wells



Audio Engineer


Lifetime's Timeline

Making Mothers cry since 1991

April 2022

Celebrated 31 years in Cincinnati with over 2000 events documented  

January 2010

Hired Cincinnati’s first wedding audio engineer. Every Lifetime production now includes a dedicated sound design 

November 2005

Started recording personal voice 
overs to add to the story of each wedding

May 2004

Created the first Wedding Trailer, which are now included in most Lifetime collections

July 2001

Moved to our current location in Anderson Township

January 1997

Added additional crew members & cameras. Found magic in groom reactions

July 1992

Incorporated wireless microphones

April 1991

Captured our first wedding with a single VHS camera 

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#AudioMatters. Each Lifetime wedding film includes optional voice overs from the bride and groom. Plus a dedicated audio engineer for crystal clear sound. The vows, toasts and announcements are captured separately and then blended seamlessly to the video footage.

Our process includes multi camera filming, both longs and short version of the day. All delivered on a custom, private, interactive platform. Think Netflix, Apple TV or Disney +