Lifetime at 25 { Cincinnati Wedding Films }

In June of 1991, there were about 3 wedding videographers in Greater Cincinnati. Most “wedding videos” (as they were referred to back then) consisted of one VHS camera, a lot of people waving table to table at a reception and the occasional “Cinderella Spin” (a young lady twirling to metamorphose into a bride). See ABC’s Wonder Woman Series 1975-1979. It was in that same month of June we delivered our very first wedding film to a young couple on the westside of Cincinnati. The picture and sound quality were rough compared to what you see today, but they loved seeing and hearing everything again. Another bride that year mentioned that her wedding video made her mother cry.

And so Lifetime Video (later Films) was born.

Twenty five years later we’re still telling stories that let people feel their wedding all over again. One of the greatest compliments was a few years ago when a bride sent me a wonderful card that ended “…thank you for letting me be a guest at my own wedding.”

Thanks to all the people that made sure we received an invitation to this one incredible day.

Matt Pine

Blog cover photo courtesy of Amanda Donaho Photography

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