” …and that’s what I love about Karla.”

2In May of 2011, Lifetime will celebrate 20 years in business. In that time I have discovered that like “no two weddings are alike”, no two families are either. There have been mothers of brides who have hired us without informing the bride until a week prior. These were the weddings I learned to be a “fly on the wall” and just observed… capturing moments uninhibited. They were natural and real. People were being themselves because they were unaware my camera was even there. The bride was happy, I felt part of something fantastic…..it was magic. Great moments of laughter to crying tears of joy, I was documenting life to be re-lived another day. The entire time, from bridal prep to the end of the reception I was sleath-like. This is were I believe I became an artist.

There’s also the “Raver” or “Gusser” client. They really truly appreciate our craft, book us early and really adopt our entire team the day of the wedding. They are the clients I think get a more concise depiction of the day. We know who they are and are able to focus on their story so much closer. Like an incredible story behind a parent and only daughter relationship or sometimes even witness two people who haven’t seen or spoken in years come together.

Meet Karla and Phil. Along with Karla’s mom and dad (Joan and Bill), we were treated like Rock Stars from the time they booked. I wanted to use the B&Gs voices (along with Karla’s BF Ashley) to help narrate not only their wedding day, but also the couple themselves. I’ve had many people tell me they feel like they know someone much better when they hear their voice.

I hope you enjoy,

Venue: Holy Angels Church-Dayton, Ohio
Photographer:Tammy Bryan Photography
DJ:Brian Harris Entertainment (Absolutely one of the best DJs we’ve had the pleasure to work with.)