How many people will be there?

Usually four of us, 3 cinematographers and an audio engineer. Sounds like a lot, but we’ve very unobtrusive. Watch our work, people aren’t aware of the camera and we’re always capture magic.

What end product do we receive?

With our Signature Package you’ll receive your wedding film in three forms:

1-Movie Trailer

2-Documery Version-includes toasts,homily,reception events (55-90 minutes)

3-Film Version- the best part of your day, it flows like a wedding film (7-20 minutes)

Can the packages be modified?

We prefer to be flexible, as every couple has different needs. Just ask, we’re very nice.

What is your filming style?

Very authentic very emotional and always entertaining. We believe posing is cheesy, you make never notice us.

For how long have you been filming weddings?

2012 will be our 21st season in wedding videography. We average 35-50 weddings per year.

Sound: Our wedding films place a great emphasis on audio to ensure that every vow and toast comes through loud and clear. Lifetime is still the only wedding filmmaker using a separate audio engineer on every film we produce. Recording the audio independently from the filming and putting the two together, it’s perfect.

How long will it take to complete our video?

3-4 months. We spend an average of 5-6 weeks in post-production on each wedding film. This includes selecting and sequencing shots with music, audio mixing and sound design, color correction and grading, We like to take the time to make your film perfect.

Are you available for my wedding date?

We hope so! Please feel free to contact us using “request a quote” above. You have a story to tell, we want to hear it.