What’s the cost?-Each wedding is different. We base our fee on time of year, locations and travel. Text 513-317-3434 for a quick quote. Include your date and locations.
Here’s what others have found since 1991.

To receive immediate attention:

Use the “Contact Us” button on the header above
Text- 513-317-3434
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Not a fan of the way I sound! Do we have to do voice overs?-No, the audio from the day can easily carry a story. Like in this example. If you would like them included, we love to have members of the bridal party, parents or anyone who knows your story. We encourage this a lot. Click here to see an example of a couple that wanted something really different. Or this amazing story of a mother and daughter standing in the same spot.

What end product do we receive?

You can see all of our packages here. Our most popular and best selling is our Signature Package
You will receive your wedding film in three forms:

1-Movie Trailer

2-Feature Film-includes toasts,homily,reception events (55-90 minutes)

3-Highlight Reel- the best parts of your day, it flows like a wedding film (7-20 minutes)

All productions also come with a bonus feature section including;extra music from the service, bloopers and tributes to parents and loss members of your family.

Can the packages be modified?

We prefer to be flexible, as every couple has different needs. You can customize absolutely any package you like.

How long will it take to produce my film?-12-14 weeks with our wedding trailers delivered around the 2 month mark. Always make sure to have a completion date in the contract you sign with any filmmaker.

Is there a back-up team?- Yes and with back-up equipment. We encourage you to ask this question to any of the 40 plus wedding filmmakers in Greater Cincinnati/Dayton or N. Kentucky. 97% of them work without a safety net. An accident, illness or family emergency on their part and your wedding isn’t captured.

What is your shooting style?

We’re storytellers and we like to keep it real. Very authentic, extremely emotional and always entertaining. We believe staging and posing people is cheesy as is a sea of inanimate objects (“eye candy” shots) that never say anything. It’s all about making your story flow like a great piece of music.

How long have you been filming weddings?

2017 is our 26th in business. We are Cincinnati’s oldest and most successful wedding filmmaking team.

"25 years of making mothers cry" from Lifetime Films on Vimeo.

Sound: Our wedding films place a great emphasis on audio to ensure that every vow and toast comes through loud and clear. Lifetime is still the only wedding filmmaker in Cincinnati using a separate audio engineer on every film we produce. Recording the audio independently from the filming and putting the two together, it’s flawless. You will not believe how great you’ll sound.

How long will it take to see our film??

Delivering in 3-4 months. Movie trailers come out first, about 2 months. We spend an average of 5-6 weeks in post-production on each wedding film. This includes selecting and sequencing shots with music, audio mixing and sound design, color correction and grading, We like to take the time to make your film perfect.

Are you available for my wedding date?

We hope so! Please feel free to contact us above or call 513-231-0080. Text: 513-317-3434

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