Cincinnati Summer Weddings {Meet the Photographers}

A couple Summers ago I was having dinner at one of my favorite Cincinnati restaurants. Our waitress was outgoing, very funny and gave us outstanding service. We struck up a conversation towards the end of the meal and I learned she may be getting engaged soon. Seizing the moment, I handed her a business card and said “You’re so much fun, when it comes time, please call me, I’d love to shoot your wedding”

Lauren Hively kept my card for over a year and then picked up the phone and booked Lifetime. I couldn’t have been happy that she chose us. Here’s the end result of that fateful meeting 2 years ago.

We’d also like to continue our series of “Meet the Photographers”. This time featuring the incomparable Sarah Sterbling from Sherri Barber Photography . We infused her photos and creative eye for this trailer. If you’re in the early planning stages of your wedding, please take a moment to check them out, their work speaks for itself.

We’re wrapping up all of our Cincinnati Summer Weddings very soon.

Krippendorf, Hackett & Me from Wedding Films on Vimeo.

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