Client Login/ Lifetime Mobile App

“My Lifetime” now on iTunes. Created for the Lifetime Bride and now available to anyone! The best way to keep in touch 24/7
The newest App for your Smart Phone and a MUST for all brides:
“My Lifetime” Click here for your FREE download Or search LIFETIME FILMS on iTunes

With this mobile app you can:
*Fill in the blanks with any needed vendors. FREE recommendations on over 150 wedding pros including other video peeps (if we’re taken)
*See the full archive of our work that may include your venue!
*Get notifications when our latest trailer & highlights are on

Lifetime clients will also be able to:
*Receive updates on the progress of their wedding films 24/7
* Have access to our complete rolodex of the absolute best vendors! Anything from make-up and cakes to photography and florists.

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